Principal Speech

"In the name of Allah, the most Gracious and the most Merciful"



ShahJalal Jamia Islamia School & College is a leading educational institution in Sylhet city. It is a brand name of schooling in education arena which was established on 26th  January 1978 for the purpose of building up the future citizen of our country as well as a well-educated ideal man. It has reached to its present status facing so many obstacles and problems after the establishment. The co-operation of the distinguished educationalist and wealthy people of the society are playing vital role to keep going on the noble mission and vision of this institution.

The class activities have been accomplished separately instead of co-education from class

three. It is successfully transformed as a collegiate school initiating its activities of H.S.C since 2000 and the decision of female students’ admission is accepted in the college section from 2010. Finally, it has opened the academic activities in English version under national curriculum in 2016 considering the increasing demand in our society. We give special emphasis on moral education. 



We are committed to our pursuit for educational excellence and morality. Besides, we have experienced academic body and qualified teachers to manage the institution effectually.


The present cultural and so called progressive trend in the society is a real threat to the young generation. Saving them from its degradation and onslaught is crying need of the nation. To this end, this institution is working to meet up the requirements of the nation by imparting an ideal, scientific and technologically advanced education. Here lessons are prepared with a view to growing the students as perfect human being with upgraded knowledge. However, depending on the help of Almighty Allah, we are continuing our best efforts to make it as an ideal one and trying to achieve its goal. In this regard, we are seeking the help of students, guardians as well as concerned people. May Allah help us for the betterment of this institution.




Md. Golam Robbani





ShahJalal Jamia Islamia School & College, Sylhet